Male Edge Basic

Male Edge Basic


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Basic Male Edge penis extender with storage case. Designed for younger men, Male Edge offers is durable, gives great results but has a contemporary look and lightweight feel.

Male Edge Basic penis extender features: Documented permanent growth, proven to grow your penis without surgery. All natural penis enlargement by means of cell division. Proven to correct Peyronie's disease. Over 500.000 users worldwide. Increases length and girth. How to make your penis grow bigger without pills or surgery? The Male Edge Penis Enlarger is based on the only natural and non-surgical method for growing your penis that has been clinically tested and proven. This method, the so-called penis traction device has been tested by several institutes and leads to scientifically documented, permanent results within penis growth. While surgery can give you a slight increase in penis size, it often comes with unwanted complications. Pills are often largely untested and an ineffective and unsafe way to grow your penis. The safest way to make your penis grow bigger is without surgery or pills, by using the penis traction method. No surgery, no risks and you set the pace.

Natural penis enlargement with Male Edge is often preferred to surgeries because it bears no risks and is not invasive. The device is so light and comfortable to wear that it can be used over longer periods in the comforts of your home or even at work under loose pants. While following the Male Edge program, you set the pace and goals. Many of our clients have reported penis growth by as much as 2 to 3 inches along with a significant increase in girth. By deciding how long you want to wear the device and how much traction you want to apply to it, you set the pace of your natural penis enlargement. 

The Male Edge Basic Penis Enlarger package contains:

  • MaleEdge Penis Enlarger
  • Ruler/Measurer
  • MaleEdge Product Box
  • MaleEdge Rubber Strap
  • Official MaleEdge Program
  • One extra Rubber Strap
  • Double Money Back Guarantee (read more)
  • One year warranty
  • My MaleEdge Training Diary
  • Forum Access / Community
  • Online instructional video 

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