The Sex and Mischief collection XOXO Spanking Paddle

The Sex and Mischief collection XOXO Spanking Paddle

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The Sex and Mischief collection XOXO spanking paddle is an erotic spanker which is made of highly resilient material. This paddle is waterproof and is very safe to spank on your sensual parts as it not made of hard wooden material. It is very classy, quite appealing and flexible. This gorgeous black colored spanking toy is flat and has a total length of 12 ½ inches and a paddle area of 5”. It can be hanged in the cupboard if not in use.  It is quite sensual and romantic to use it on your soft booty. It is ideal for beginners and newly wedded couples to explore and experience love making and take it to a new level. Women fanaticize spanking a lot and it spices up the sex life as it sounds very nice while spanking on the butts.

The sex and mischief collection XOXO Paddle is available in dual color black and pink, the impression that it makes on the body is charming and sweat. It is quite a sensual arouser and can be gripped in the hand properly. It has a very ergonomic design and vibrant.  It is perfect gear for warming your bottoms and softly rubbing it on your sensual parts and doesn’t hurt like wooden spankers.

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