Intimacy the pillar of relationships

If you are in a relationship right now, you must be knowing that why physical intimacy is important. No matter, how much you reside in an emotional aspect of love, you will soon understand the actual need of sexual intimacy with a passage of time.

Well, nowadays people don't hesitate to have a sexual alliance, even if its new relation and definitely, it's a positive sign. Health experts say, intimacy is that form of art which comes natural and draws the two of you together in a body and soul. It helps to create a bond or a connection and gives a feeling of security to both the partners. In simpler words, intimacy is concluded as an expression in a relationship.

Absenteeism of intimacy in a relationship can be disastrous, sometimes. So, here are the five such reasons for the same.

  1. Connection

Do you know physical attraction capitulates more depth in a love relationship than emotional attraction. Therefore,Intimacy is a way of showing love. It helps to connect with your partner in different ways you can't even think of. Apart from connectivity, sexual intimacy helps the relationship to grow by binding both the partners with a trust factor and gives a feeling of oneness.

Intimate, and express your love to your partner!

  1. Diminishes the relationship problems

Yes, the on-off scene keeps on going in a relationship. It causes pain when you fail to express how much you love your partner in words after a huge fight. The only way to overcome all the tensions and differences between you and your partner is the physical intimacy as it helps in calming your frame of mind.

Intimate, and fade away all your problems!

  1. Security

Are you a person who feel unsecured of loosing your partner, all the time? Check out your partner's loyalty by intimacy. If he involves easily, he is all yours but if he neglects, then there is a point to doubt. Of course, intimacy gives a secured feeling in a relationship. Yes,the feeling of being wrapped in his arms is indescribable.

Intimate, and vanquish your sense of insecurity!

  1. Genital Health and Hormones

Yes, sexual intimacy helps to bring good health, you can't even imagine. Involving in regular intimacy with your partner won't harm if you want to keep all your genital problems away. But, that doesn't mean act like a rabbit, just go with a flow.

Moreover, when you are being touched by the person you love, you get a feeling of excitement which makes your body shiver, helps in releasing Serotonin, the happy hormones.

Intimate, and be healthy!

  1. Stress and Satisfaction

To satisfy your partner, you need to have an intimate relationship as it helps to bind your partner with yourself. Experts say, in any relationship you need to have physical intimacy, mental do not fulfill your relationship always and can most of times be not satisfying enough for your partner. It keeps you away from the stress, not only relationship stress but other professional problems and tensions as well. 

Intimacy works as a stress buster!

Everyone hopes to be treated special which satisfies them, especially men when it comes to the physical aspects. So, ladies give a special treatment to your man by making him indulge in sexual messages using various types of oilsrole play costumesbedroom secretskinky games and other such activities such as sexual massagesbedroom games, Foreplay Games. 

Intimacy, therefore, gives you a sort of assurance that you belong with him or her. 

Remember, a relationship doesn't work only with a physical intimacy, you need to have an emotional and mental attractions as well. Physical or Sexual intimacy is a part of perfect relationship!


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