What food you should eat before having SEX ?

Do you get tired easily of your regular sex sessions or have you lost the sizzle in your sex life? If, the answer is yes! Then, it’s high time you should pump up your sex drive and refresh your relationship.

Do you know great sex starts long before you step into the bedroom? Of course we are not talking about foreplay, we are talking about food. Turn up the heat in the bedroom by filling your plate with right kind of food. Food enriched with certain vitamins and minerals definitely helps to increase your libido.

Health experts say, eating a nutritious diet can help boost up your sexual urgestar and lower your risk of developing chronic health conditions that can hamper your sex life. A poor diet easily lead to a host of health issues which negatively effect your sex life.

Here is the short list of food items you must have before running your legs and hands over bed.

1. Spinach- Why Popeye, the sailor man was strong and always energetic? The answer is he loves to eat spinach a lot. This dark green leaf is loaded with folate enriched of Vitamin B helps the body to form red blood cells. Talking about bedroom, spinach helps in boosting up the energy. 

2. Dark Chocolates- According to a recent study, dark chocolates helps to produce feelings of euphoria and happiness, i.e. mood refreshment which leads the brain to produce orgasms specially for women. Strawberries and Chocolates work as a good combo that has been linked with higher sperm count in men.

3. Bananas- Bananas highlight potassium as well as increase muscle growth which are essential to have intense contractions during orgasms. It also helps the brain to work fast and builds the mood happy which obviously a positive sign during sex.

4. Sweet Potatoes- Sweet potatoes, rich in potassium and beta-carotene provides Vitamin A to the body which helps fight high blood pressure. This results to be helpful to those with infertility leading to increment in libido.

5. Milk- Remember, your mother have always forced you to drink milk during your childhood days as it helps in boosting up your energy. Just rewind back your old days and consume milk and milk products regularly as it produces sex hormones and definitely to boost up your sex life.

6. Red Wine- According to a recent research, it has been proved that women who had two glasses of wine had a higher libido than those who preferred other alcoholic drinks. Just don’t get too crazy as excess of alcohol works as a depressant.

7. Coffee- An old saying, “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee” proves the same for sex. Caffeine puts you up in the mood and enhance the sexual arousal. Enjoy your morning cup of joey with morning sex!

So, you have got the list of best and worst food items to have or have not before sex. All you need to have is healthy and nutritious diet at a regular interval of time.

 Don’t miss a chance of making love with your partner!


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