Five Essential Sex Products To Add Zing To Your Married Life

Five Essential Sex Products To Add Zing To Your Married Life

1. Seductive Lingerie to send the temperature soaring in the bedroom

It is no hidden truth that sexual desires of men and women are governed by what they see in their partner. When the eyes meet and man starts losing control, he gets allured by the contours of the woman’s body. Sensuous lingerie goes a long way in making sure that the body of a woman is highlighted in the best possible way. Send the temperature through the roof by buying seductive lingerie set for your wife. Designer lingerie is a gift for her and a present to you. Enjoy the pleasure of her body as she enjoys the comfort of the lingerie. Rekindle the passion of your first night and savor the sinful pleasures with new gusto. Devour her beautiful body with new lust. Lose your senses and transcend boundaries to reach new heights of love making, like you have never experienced before. But the pleasure comes at a cost and a bit of research.

How to buy

You need to take out some time to learn about her size, taste, and body type so you can pick up the best designer lingerie for her. Make sure you learn the letters that define her breast size. A is for the smallest boob size and the size classification increases up till the letter E. If you are unaware of her size, then play safe by selecting a slightly larger outfit. You can choose from the best 

2. Resonate in harmony with a vibrator

Have you ever felt the need of a companion who can accompany you in the pursuit of ultimate bliss in lovemaking? If you find the task daunting sometimes, a vibrator can serve as a great partner in crime in your nocturnal adventures. It is a great way to send her to a place that she has never been before. Let her experience the visceral sensation of being touched by a vibrator. Let the device caress her G-spot gently making her moan like she has never moaned before. Experience her lusty passion as she clings on to you and begs for more.

What to buy

Vibrators come with different coating, so make sure that you order the one which you like. Satin coating is preferred for the smooth sensation that it offers. Multiple options of speed variations are available on certain vibrators which help in massaging the vagina with different levels of intensity. You can order the vibrator with different speed patterns to tease and tempt her for a mind blowing effect.

  1. Last long and stay strong with Desensitizing Gel

If you are experiencing premature ejaculation or having trouble in satisfying your wife, a Desensitizing Gel will really help your cause. It is godsend for couples who cannot enjoy the love making experience due to the yielding of the male organ. Intensify those special moments by buying Desensitizing Gel and prolong the fun, help her reach the orgasm that she has never reached before. This is one product that can save marriages and make life beautiful for married couples.

4. Enjoy safely with lifestyle condoms that improve sensitivity

Condoms are known to provide protection; however, some people do not like to use them while love making as they act as barriers between lovers in those special intimate moments. With lifestyle condoms, you can protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy and also add value to the love making process. These condoms are made with a special polyisoprene material that transfers body heat well for more intimate sensations. Enter her with confidence and feel the skin to skin sensation for the ultimate orgasm. Keep them handy and enjoy any time you want.

5. Explore your darker side by tying her with your furry love cuffs

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