5 Ways in which Same-Sex Partners (Women) Can Spice Up their Bedroom Moments

Love has no boundaries, they say and we totally agree. Whether it is the emotional bond you share with your partner or those steamy bedroom moments that take your relationship to the next level, we have always supported limitless love! Over the years, when we have seen more acceptance towards same-sex partners and people from all sects of society have started coming out openly about their sexuality, we as adult lifestyle experts felt that it is time to take up this topic and discuss some interesting tips with which same-sex partners can spruce up their sex life. There is nothing more satisfying than making your partner reach the zenith of pleasure and achieve the same for yourself. So, here we are discussing some quirky tips for women same-sex partners:

  1. Don’t miss the Kiss- You have seen it in movies, couples engaging in that steamy kiss that leaves tingling sensations in your body. So, even if you are engaging in same-gender sex the first step should be starting off with a hot, passionate kiss. Touch her exposed body parts in a cuddling way while kissing her. This will not only set the right mood for romance but also stimulate the clitoris. Kiss her lips softly and gradually move on to sucking her tongue to build up the desired sexual tension.
  2. Touch Her Seductively- After kissing, just touch her body parts seductively. Keep touching her tits, nipples, vagina and hips in a sexy way that actually makes her fall for you. Move your hands slowly around her forehead and give her a feeling of care dipped in love with your enticing touch.
  3. Time to play with her assets- Now, it’s time for you to perform one of the most sensual activities of ‘girl love’. Working on her assets will drive her crazy and will augment your sexual desires too. Suck on to her breasts and nipples while holding her hands tightly to confirm your affection. Move your tongue in circular motions across her most sensitive parts or go harder using your teeth as well if she likes it more.
  4. Give Her the Oral Pleasure- Oral sex helps women achieve more orgasms as compared to penetrative sex. It’s not only our personal opinion but experts confirm this too. Clitoris is the most senstive part of a woman’s vagina and your working your tongue on it will definitely make her scream in pleasure. You can take turns in giving each other a nice oral job to complete the most satisfying sex experience.
  5. Don’t be shy of using a adult fun toys- After you have done all with your fingers and tongue, it is time to reach orgasm using some adult fun toys designed for women. Vibrators are most commonly used by women as they create the desired level of stimulation and help in achieving orgasm faster. Use massagers or breast stimulator lips to multiply the fun. You can give your woman everything that a man can or even more using your love and some sex toys. So, don’t be shy and go ahead to explore the heights of pleasure with vibrators, massagers and even some quirky lingerie.

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