Oral Tips Guaranteed to Rock Her World Tonight!

Oral Tips Guaranteed to Rock Her World Tonight!

Women love oral sex, especially when it is done right. All the men out there here is a warning for you, if you are not going down or if you are not doing it too often then you are most likely to lose your lady or keep her unsatisfied. Nothing can be more pleasurable and satisfying than watching a woman moaning with pleasure and grabbing the sheet tight. Whatever reason may be stopping you from going down now is the time to give it another try and here is why:

1. Move your tongue everywhere: Every girl loves it when your focus is entirely on the clit. But if you will give all your attention to one single spot then it may get boring or painful. So move your tongue everywhere as clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and you can excite them all.

2. Go slow: You watch a lot of porn but you do not have to copy everything from there, especially that moment when guys get super aggressive and overdo everything. She wants you to go slow when it comes to oral sex. Kiss her inner thigs, use your breath on her labia, move your tongue on her clit, either clockwise or anti- clockwise and make her go completely crazy.

3. Do not follow the game plan: Entering your bedroom with precise end result is a big no. Because then in that moment it becomes goal-oriented instead of pleasure oriented and you may overdo it to fulfill your goal. And she will also feel awkward that why you have to try really hard and maybe she is not able to get you to the peak of pleasure. If you want to give her satisfying oral sex then make her get lost in the moment.

4. Fingers can do a lot: Never forget to insert fingers as when you feel that she is completely warmed up, get your fingers there. Go slow, start off with a single finger and if you feel that she is enjoying and wants more than insert two or even three while you kiss her or press on to her breast.

5. It’s time to return the favor: Remember she did every possible thing from sucking, licking or taking ‘it’ inside her mouth when she went down. Since her clitoris has twice the nerve-endings of a penis you can return the favor even better as she will feel twice the sensations.

6. Do not forget about your hands: Be a multi-tasker and while giving your lady oral sex, position yourself in such a way that you can add some extra feel by using your hands. If you are able to touch her body lovingly while giving an oral job, then it will be great for her! You can even use your hand to lift up the hood of her clit slightly so that you can excite the more sensitive part using your tongue.

7. Communicate- Orally or with sign language: It gets messy and difficult to speak to her while you perform oral sex but you can always figure out which part is she enjoying more by listening to the sounds which she is making or check for other signs like heavier breath or if she holding the bed sheet tight. Communication, if not verbally then at least through actions can make a huge difference.

With all these tips clear in your mind, we think you are all prepped up for that intimate night with your girl. Just go for it and make her crazy tonight! Be creative, flexible and responsive. If she is shy then figure out by her actions that what she likes exactly or do not hesitate to go for trial and error method.


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