Unique Bachelor Party Ideas to Make Your Pre-Wedding Bash Truly Unforgettable

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas to Make Your Pre-Wedding Bash Truly Unforgettable

Most guys would be more interested for their Bachelor Party rather than the D-day itself because let’s face it, there is a considerable difference in both. The bachelor party is your last chance to celebrate life as a ‘free’ man because after the wedding day you are sure to get confined in the clutches of commitment. No offense to ladies, we understand your sacrifices too but this blog is a bit biased towards the boys. So, if you are the best man planning your friend’s bachelor party, we would recommend you to be original and entertaining in your party ideas. Here are a few that you can start with:

A Las Vegas Bachelor Party

 Getting the entire ‘boy gang’ to head on a weekend trip together is the most popular option. And there’s no better place to go than the lively city of Vegas as we all know "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" From betting to floor shows and grand strip bars, Las Vegas is a man's forecourt. You can arrange for packages including gentlemen’s clubs, limo services, dinners and more. If you're planning for different spots it is great fun as well as cheaper hiring limo than taking cabs. If you think Las Vegas is expensive, you can have a weekend of indulgence somewhere closer to your city where you can have plenty of champagne, spa treatments, dinner and a lot more.

An Outdoorsy Bachelor Party

Just imagine living in the woodlands, trying some possibly death-defying acts, hanging with your best buds with lots of beer— how exciting it would be! Go for outdoor activities like climbing, camping, hiking, rafting, skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing and skiing. These adventure activities with your guy gang are sure to give you goose bumps, hell of excitement and chunks of fun. To make the best of your outdoor party, sit around bonfire during the night and do share some of your quirkiest stories with your guy gang.

Sports Night

Every man loves to play sports and this one can’t be missed out on our list. Arrange the night of the bachelor party in form of any game all of you have grown up watching and playing. Be it basketball, football, baseball, cricket or whatever. Get crates of your favorite brews with finger foods and chicken wings and enjoy the big sports night.

 Strip Clubs Party

 Inevitably, there’s always one person in the group who insists that a bachelor party is not complete unless a bit of striptease. Deciding on having Strip Club parties, always talk to the groom if he strippers or not. Don't force them on him. If he agrees, you can go to strip clubs or even choose dancers to come to your house party.


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