Ladies! Try These 5 Masturbation Positions in Your Exclusive “ME TIME”

Ladies! It’s time to lock the doors of your bedroom and get down with your sexy self. Testing out new masturbation techniques can help you improve your sex life. Many research studies suggest that women who masturbate are likely to achieve more orgasms during partnered sex! By experimenting different positions, you can discover new ways to orgasming, getting a break from same old repetitive and monotonous bedroom positions. It’s always better to know more about your body—and masturbation is a great way to explore the intimate side of you. So let’s have a candid discussion about all positions that you can try behind locked doors…

  1. Rev Things Up by Lying on your Stomach

This is used by very few women despite this method having the credentials to open up a whole new world of new sensations in your body. Lie on your stomach and place a pillow or two below your stomach and hips. You can either use an intimate rubbing/massaging toy or put your hands in between your body and pillow to make things work. The sensations produced in the leg muscles add to the musculature involved in a female orgasm. Believe us, the pleasure can be intense beyond your expectations.

  1. Try Using a Chair – we tell you how!

Tuck your feet and ankles around the legs of a chain. This position opens up the pelvic muscles in the most elaborate manner. This position doesn’t leave any room for hiding. Every sensual nerve between your legs is now vulnerable to being touched and stimulated – to help you climax better. This is one of the most recommended ways if you have been struggling with your vulva contributing to a serious orgasm.

  1. The Leg Shaver Shower Position

This masturbating method has got nothing to do with actual shaving. Masturbating while standing upright can be an awesome experience that most women ignore—to many it seems too uncomfortable. The reality is very different. We guarantee you that masturbating in the shower can be an experience worth remembering. Place one foot on the side of the tub or the shower seat to allow full access to your vulva. Use the showerhead stream to tease all the muscles and nerves down under. Something you should explore if multiple orgasms have evaded you so far!

  1. Quick Masturbation for those Busy Days

Spread your legs on the bed with your body standing upright. Lean back and support yourself on one arm. Start leaning forward and against the wall to heat to access all the pleasure points between your legs. You can use an intimate massager apart from your fingers or other arousal stimulators to discover new spots and sensations.

  1. The Snake Pose – yes, it exists and there is nothing impossible about it!

Lie on your stomach and grind your pelvic bone and clitoris against your hand or a vibrating toy beneath you. Remember the name of the pose — “snake” — this means are supposed to slither, i.e. grind slowly, like a snake. This is one of the most argued masturbation methods but it is a great way to stimulate your clitoris in the most unimaginable manner. You get to add extra force and friction on the hood of your clitoris. Use slow grinding strokes, back and forth to nail this pose!

Most Importantly – Liberate Your Mind!

Drop your apprehensions, you anxieties when it comes to exploring your beautiful body. This is about self-exploration and loving yourself. Don’t hold back. Think of this as “ME” time – it is about having fun without bothering anyone. There is no shame in pleasuring yourself!


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