5 Naughty Things You Must Try to Make Your Man Feel Special

5 Naughty Things You Must Try to Make Your Man Feel Special

There is nothing controversial in saying that men have an ego, they are genetically coded to listen to their mothers and love being pampered. As a girlfriend or wife, you have to accept this harsh reality and still make things work. This includes making your man feel extra special by doing something amazing in the bedroom. Yes, intimacy is a big part of how men feel about themselves. However, it is shocking to realize that most women run out of ideas when asked about how they intend to get more playful…erotically! A big misconception is that you need to do something shocking to get your man’s attention. This is not the reality. The smallest gestures, a bit of smart thinking and without spending a single penny, you can make your man feel more wanted. In this discussion, we are going to tell you how to approach this part of your relationship. Remember, this is about making life more spicy, naughty and kinky—without any hold-ups!

Tip 1 – Watch X-rated Content Together

Men are inherently addicted to watching adult-themed content. There is an abundance of video clip for everything kinky. There are no extremes and nothing is off the list. Use this as a means of bonding with your guy. Most men love the very idea of watching porn with a woman. From schoolboys to husbands, this fantasy transcends all age groups. However, they hold back because they fear getting ridiculed! So surprise him, this weekend, by bookmarking some raunchy stuff on the web and listing it on a laptop for a new type of “couple time”.

Tip 2 – Try Flirting and Make Him Watch

Do you feel that the raw, animalistic craving for sex has died within him? There is one recipe to re-ignite it. You don't need to do much. Just tell him that you would be flirting with his best friend or a common colleague. Drop him this message and shut-off your phone. When the date night arrives, be flirtatious with another man. This is one sure way of stoking his ego and firing those dormant, passionate feelings. What follows could be angry sex, something that isn’t bad for couples who find their relationship low in terms of getting intimately creative.

Tip 3 – Gift Him Your Panties

Yes, you heard this right. This is something that very few women try but it can take away your guy’s breath. Shock and awe him into pure sexual ecstasy by handing him a small paper bag or a tote bag that carries your panties. To make it more interesting tell him that you placed the goods in the bag during the short break when watching a movie together or when you ventured into the washroom during a shopping trip. To heat-up things, tell him that you are not wearing anything underneath and things are getting wet!

Tip 4 – Let Your Sexual Fate be decided by a Board Game

Go to an adult play store and get a kinky board game, with which you can tease and please your guy. Some of them can be really cheesy but they can make your relationship more fun. Choose a game with an element of surprise. For instance, the dice might roll towards the option saying that you need to SPANK your opponent! This is a great way of melting away any inhibitions that you or your man might be carrying to the bedroom.

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