Ladies, Get some Saucy Tips to Blow him away with a perfect blowjob

Ladies, Get some Saucy Tips to Blow him away with a perfect blowjob

Whether it’s foreplay or the main act, every man just loves a blowjob. Going down on your man is one of the best gifts you can offer him. Knowing that the hard penis will be in your mouth and staring it down every single time when you’ve to give your man a blowjob can be quite intimidating. But, not to fret, it just gets better with time. Like all the other things in life needs experience, putting the Ds in mouths needs it too.

The major goal with giving blowjobs is to make the experience pleasurable for him and let him know that you care about his sexual satisfaction. Oral sex is an act of erotic generosity giving your lover an opportunity to relax and receive tons of pleasure. Then, he’ll likely be enthusiastic to return the favor. Simple rule follows here, if you need one, give one. If you want to learn the skills and blowjob tips to make the technique saucier, you’ve landed onto the right place.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that that do not think about it as a chore. Done correctly while enjoying the act, a blowjob can be one of the most empowering things for you. The reason why it is the best is here you take the charge of his pleasure, making the experience genuinely amusing for both of you.

So whether it is to celebrate his birthday, an offering for his success at work or just a random act of love-making— giving a blowjob is a perfect way to lavish him in pleasure.

Follow these sassy tips to give him out-of-this-world oral….

Don’t Rush, Go Slow

Nothing about the blowjob should be fast. Amp up the arousal, make it playful and explanatory. Start slow by rubbing your mouth against his penis, move your hand up and down the shaft. Ask him to give you a clue when a move really turns-on him. 

Focus on the frenulum

Frenulum, the ridge where head of penis connects to the shaft, is super sensitive. In fact, it’s the most sensitive part of the penis; it has thousands of nerve endings, so this is where you’ve to focus on giving him some oral stimulation. Wrap your mouth just below the frenulum; flick it with the tip of your tongue. Circle the head of penis slowly; stopping each time you hit pleasure spot in a way that your lips meet your fist and then move your mouth in a rhythmic motion.

Make some appreciative noise

Want to take the action up a notch, make appreciative erotic sounds. This would let him know that the blowjob is not something that you feel you have to do mechanically. Throw in a little “mmm” — this would not only be a turn-on for him but it will also make you even more excited.

Wetter is Better

Lube isn’t just important for penetrative sex. It keeps the things going really well here also. Usually, the saliva suffices when it comes to oral sex, but sometimes you can’t rely on your saliva too much. In that case, you need some flavored lubricants to add a juicy flavor and make it fun. 

Share your excitement

Showing excitement and conveying some genuine enthusiasm is one of the easiest things you can do when learning how to give a good blow job. Look at him while you’re giving the blowjob, stop for once or twice and tell him how much you love it. Show him that you’re unashamedly enjoying yourself. The more the pleasure, the more you’ll get across enjoying the act; the more you enjoy the act, the more your lover will receive in turn.

Break for intermission

If your mouth or jaw is feeling achy, it’s perfectly fine to take the penis out of your mouth and have a breather. Just because your mouth is temporarily off the penis doesn’t mean the whole thing just stops, you can now take a few moments to kiss or caress his thighs. Keep jacking him off with your hands while you’re gathering yourself.

Lick the way you do with an ice-cream cone

Lick his penis from base to tip just the way you do with an ice-cream. Make an eye-contact and with your tongue broad and flat, lick the whole length. A steady rhythm helps him to get more worked up and sustains excitement.

Keep the hands handy

When you’re concerned with not been able to take the entire dick in your mouth, use your hands to enhance the experience for him. You don’t have to necessarily deep throat his penis when you’re unable to do that. Use your hand to brush the head of his penis against the outline of your lips, taking the head in your mouth between outlines for more lubrication.

Finish off with a bang

Want to make it an unforgettable experience for him? Then, here’s the secret, try the
“Magic-8 ball”. Perform eight shallow sucks by taking the tip of his penis between your lips. Give 7 shallow, one deeper, then give 6 shallow and 2 deeper and so on until he is ready to burst. Now that he's done, cuddle up to him and cup his balls. Kiss his face and neck, and enjoy!

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