Top 6 Women’s Hottest Sexual Fantasies

 Top 6 Women’s Hottest Sexual Fantasies

Your fantasies are always a part of you, stirring your passions mysteriously, yet so powerfully. In a life of stress and monotony, your fantasy is your escape to freedom. Our sexuality is also fuelled by our fantasies that stimulate us like a kinky parallel universe. When it comes to fantasies, anything – yes, anything – goes.

Just like men, women fantasize too, a lot. Women too have a lot of secret erotic fantasies, which most of them, may not have often talked about for different reasons. While a sweet girl on the outside may be more inclined to the emotional or romantic side of things, do not get surprised if she someday opens up with her own share of the deepest, darkest sexual fantasies.

While guys like you and me believe, they are real Casanovas in the sack, the reality is, most of us may not even have the slightest idea of a woman’s true sexual desires. To bring her sexual fantasies to life, here are top 6 women’s erotic fantasies laid bare for you:

A Wild Encounter with a Stranger

Many women fantasize about the idea of meeting up with an unknown entity and engage in unbridled lovemaking. Be a plumber, a computer technician, a car mechanic, or a traveller who stopped by her house to ask for direction. The porn industry is already making millions around this fantasy. Meeting a stranger where she could do whatever she wants, anything and everything, is something most women do love, inside their head.

Master and Slave

Time for some sexual role-playing! You might have no idea how much some women like to be cuffed, pulled by hair and spanked! Submission can be very tempting for a woman. Being dominated and told what to do in a sexy, commanding growl is undeniably hot for some women. And this can be really interesting even the other way round where the lady gets to command her lover to cater to all her sexual desires, just in the way she likes it. Dress up and make this fantasy even more tantalizing!

Watch or Being Watched

The idea of arousing an audience by her performance gives the modern, confident women of today a feeling of empowerment. Some women would find the biggest turn on in being them watched by their boyfriend “doing it” with someone else. Or turning the table around is equally sexy. For some, watching their man screwing another woman, while his eyes are still on her, is a fantasy that they find really, really erotic.

The Trio

You were expecting this on the list, weren’t you? The fantasy of having two men (or more!) all over their body is something almost every woman has had in her head, or she is clearly lying. While some fantasize about two men performing cunnilingus simultaneously, some would love to get their assets sucked while the other guy performs oral sex. The addition of sex toys in a threesome is definitely the best way to take it to the next level.

Rape Fantasy

Being take on by force, being molested by a man, or carried onto a haysack and getting nailed, may sound a tragic thing in real, but is actually something that crops up time and again when discussing female fantasies. Well, of course, the fantasy is more about the idea than actually the non-consensual sex. The rape fantasy is an oxymoron and there’s nothing shameful about the act. Forceful sex could be a more preferred alternative to it. Imagine saying ‘no’ to your man, but he keeps going anyway because he knows you want him! Fun to role play?

Having Sex in Public

Day dreaming about sex that is not confined to the bedroom is one of the top fantasies for many females. It could be a beach, inside a dense forest, office’s boardroom table during the later hours, restaurants’ bathroom, or perhaps top row of a darkened movie theatre…wonderfully tempting and deliciously unique. The feeling of being caught, breaking the laws may lead the couple ending to the highest notes of orgasm.

While you read, keep in mind that these are “fantasies” wherein some hover within an enticing closeness to reality while others are best confined to the realms of the imagination. Knowing her fantasy and getting even close to it can really spice up your mundane sex life to a whole lot of naughtiness. Do it the right way and sky’s the limit! Have fun, big boys.



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