Is there something like a Workout Kink? We say YES!!

Call it the scourge of our website’s domain name or the fact that we are somewhat dedicated to exploring the kinky side of lovemaking, the fact remains that there is always a hidden turn-on, located somewhere in our daily lives that we often feel fail to spot. One such kink our in-house contributors has been talking about for the last few days is the Workout Kink.

What are we talking about?

You too must be wondering about where we are going with this. Actually, working out in the gym has always been a topic at the heart of dating and relationship discussions. The fact remains that whenever men and women interact in a place that is relaxed chances are that sparks will fly, attraction and infatuation will always surface. However, we are exploring something beyond these already discussed topics—are you turned on by the idea of making love in the gym, do you fantasize about having sex surrounded by iron-heavy weights, do you associate bench-pressing with pressing her hard, beneath you? If your answer is YES to most of these questions, you have the workout kink!

Getting the Basics Right

Before we dwell on the kinky part of working-out, we would like to touch upon as to why this environment is rather sexually charged. Read ahead to understand how it works…

Sweat, Hormones and the Dreaded Wetness

It feels weird to say that not many folks have spoken about this. After all, the gym is where bodies sweat profusely, hormones are overworked, there are millions of reasons to exchanges glances at each other and with bodily fluids on high tide, the skin gleams, making it look more ravishing than any kind of make-up regimen. There is every likelihood that someone who might not have grabbed your attention otherwise might suddenly seem sexually engaging when exercising. We have all heard about pheromones attracting opposite genders in the insect and reptile world and in the gym ecosystem it seems to hold true for humans too!

Unintentional or Deliberate, you are Inviting Attention

Some folks might not agree without out perspective but the fact remains there is a very selfish and cosmetic reason to nearly every gymming routine—you are trying to look better. Even if you don’t wear matching sneakers and workout gear, you are in a zone where everyone is trying to make themselves look better in some way. With bodies twisting and contorting at various angles, it is difficult not to be attracted at those bulging biceps, perfectly fitted cup sizes and mid-sections flashing right in your zone of view.

The Kinky Part of Gymming

Our limited but thorough research suggests that most folks who understand this kink are regular at the gym. These are folks who take sadistic pleasure is pushing their bodies to the extreme, continuously trying to eek out one more repetition or lift just a tad heavier that their effort yesterday. It seems that their love for the gym eventually gets ingrained onto their sexual psyche. The most common kinky fantasies in this niche include having sex on gym benches, usually at the end of the workout when you are already breathing heavy, sweat dribbling profusely, the heart pumping hard and the worked-out body part often develops a reddish, sore hue. These traits form the basics of this kink.

Digging Deeper into the Workout Kink

There is something about exercising in a crowd that invariably raises sexual intensity—just imagine a lady squatting hard…it is difficult to understand how any guy looking at those tight, fabric-splitting curves cannot get turned-on. Those who appreciate the gymming kink invariably love the apparels associated with this segment with headbands, wristbands, trainers, chest gripping tees, shorts, and sun-baked towels forming the core essentials of a typical gymmer’s wardrobe ensemble - indeed, this is a type of Sporty Kink. There is also a bit of IRON about this kinky feeling. Regarded as a male thing, the presence of raw, galvanized iron can have a mesmerizing affect on women too.

Blame it on All the Pumping Action

Unless you are into fancy exercises that mean standing in one corner of the gym and doing your preacher curls to exhaustion, you must have realized that there is a lot of huff-and-puff, pump & piston like action. The scene gets more enthralling with the grunting, blood-pumped faces, veins popping, and that look of vindication which surfaces when you have managed to exceed your workout goals. Even if you are not into lifting weights, nearby floors occupied by women in tight aerobics attire or men doing yoga poses in sporty shorts provide sufficient fodder to the mind.

Concluding with Commonest of Kinky Workout Fantasies

To round-up the discussion, we would like to share the commonest fantasies and a few real-life instances from our 2-week research on this topic. Showering together after an intense workout, when the body seems to be baking, ripping each other’s clothes off to reveal those hidden muscles emerges as the clear winner. Other includes playing the gym coach and "taking advantage" of your pupil who understandably is very bendy. A colleague of our shared a real life experience of this kink about women in breast-hugging sports bras and women dressed in gym apparel on the treadmill—yes, there are things in motion at the gym ready to create frenzied commotion in your mind.


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