Is surrendering to your man about letting go of woman emancipation?

We realize this topic will engage all sorts of reviews, particularly from women who believe that being submissive or playing bondage roles is about compromising they individuality. However, we realize that they are an equal number of women who don’t agree with this viewpoint. These women accept submission as a kind of roleplay and lifestyle choice that is limited to the bedroom without any repurcussions. This is not another 50 Shades of Grey discussion. We are not here to take sides but merely present our opinion as to why the dominant-submissive lifestyle does not have to be about gender rights or succumbing to machismo.

Going down on her knees does not mean being a "Doormat"

The explosion of explicit content fuelled by online search engines has led to disastrous effects in the viewer mindset. You are bound to come across video clip libraries where women are being physically abused or being treated animalistically, being utterly degraded. This is where we believe the womens' groups will have a strong opposition. This type of digital content has an undertone of the wrong type of submission, bordering on psychopathic, sadistic pleasures. However, having your lady go down on you, submit to you, bent on her knees does not need to be orchestrated in this way. Such women find a certain degree of sexual fulfilment in absolutely letting go of their control mechanism, making themselves sensually vulnerable. This is not about being a doormat or letting go of your human rights. The idea is simple—you are surrendering control for a few hours, no longer making decisions, putting your mind to rest and fully submitting to how he handles you and your body.

There is a fine line between getting rough with her and "abusing" her

Please understand that BDSM lifestyles are not easy to create or adopt. There are so many emotions involved and there is always a risk of going one-step too far. At any point, you don’t want to hurt the lady in a way that it breaches the zone of sensuality and enters the dangerous realm of physical abuse. Most folks who have tried dominating-submission roleplay games will agree that it is difficult to define limits in this niche. The idea is to explore what arouses you and keeps you on the edge. For instance, spanking is among the most common of kinky fantasies for couples where the lady plays submissive. Invariably, this will include a bit of whipping, slapping, etc. We have read real life accounts of how married women tend to float in a state of sensual nirvana for a couple of days after their latest spanking session. The soreness lasts, constantly reminding them of absolute surrender. This pain is often described as being sweet and romantic. But if she needs to be rushed to the emergency room, there is something fundamentally wrong at play—essentially, you have crossed the line!

The Couple Bonding Angle...when roleplays can strenghten Relationships

Psychiatrists often talk about how male dominated bedroom roles often help to restore flavour in marriages that have seem to turned dull too soon, prematurely. Couples struggle to find that spark in their sexual lifestyles with daily chores overburdening them. The feeling of absolute control often delivers a kind of confidence-boosting psychological high that translates into kinkier, more sensual explorations. For women too it is about re-bonding physically in a way that is not textbook—there is so much to do being the submissive in those fiercely guarded bedroom hours. The mind is pushed into thinking beyond the usual, peeling away layers of mechanical lovemaking and discovering a new way to satisfy each other—psychologically and sexually. For couples with work-at-home husbands, playing the dominant sexual partner gives a boost to that undeniable male ego that needs a bit of pumping-up every now and then. In a way, it plays into repositioning the relationship for the better rather than robbing away a woman of her individuality.

The therapeutic angle...when bedroom roles can help couples heal

Women who fiercely reject the idea of sexually submitting to their partner perhaps aren’t familiar with what all constitutes this type of relationship. For starters, it is not about just getting rough with the woman. There are hundreds of accounts from couples where a domineering lovemaking session is followed by hours of trying to make-up for the roughness. Guys will often spend hours tending to the blemishes created on her skin with a thousand kisses and endless hours of kneading her warm skin. Again, what seems like surrender actually transforms into the lady being showered with the type of caring that only a sensitive man can deliver. For couples with self-confidence issues, pent-up frustrations, the submissive twist brings about a healthy, intimate way to vent out, bring a sense of closure to frustrating everyday routines.

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