Become The Kinky Sex Goddess Of His Life

Become The Kinky Sex Goddess Of His Life


Let us be honest about one fact— Women are wrongly portrayed as being too demanding and consistent attention seekers. Introspect your own relationship or ask around in your circle of friends and it will become clear to you that men too need pampering. However, we are not talking about showering him with chocolates and homemade cakes here. Your man needs some pampering in the bedroom. Here are some tips on how you should approach this…


Go Get It Girl!

Try to Understand the Male Psychology


Traditionally, men are expected to take over the dominant role, initiate love-making, and dictate terms of intimacy. However, being playfully erotic and stretch out a foreplay session is not always easy for the male population. There are times when work schedules get crazy and work life is taking a serious toll on the body and mind of your man. Of course this might happen with you too, but he takes care of such days for you, doesn’t he? So why not reciprocate the good deeds. This is the time when most men prefer their women to take the upper hand and don their dominating shoes. This is all about feeling cared for, pampered and it is a great stress-buster for men who are always trying to innovate and do something special to reignite passion in between the sheets. Such role reversal activities balance the relationship which makes sense to the young generation. These are the couples who don't identify with stereotypes whether it comes to paying the bill at a restaurant or getting kinky and demanding what they want in their bedroom.  

So here goes your list of tips-


Tip 1: Break the Code & Watch Porn Together


Men are habitual porn lovers. This is something most won’t admit to but it is encoded in their DNA. The male mind just cannot resist nudity, no matter how explicit or concealed. Now the “secret” Bro Code says that a guy should only watch porn alone or with his male friends. We suggest you dump the code this time and surprise him by planning a raunchy movie night together. This is perhaps the easiest way to sensually surprising him. You have technology doing all the work for you. A large HD screen (3D, if you are into it), great internet connection and you are good to go. Just ensure you are seated (very) close to him. Try to communicate about what is being enacted and whether or not you would like to experiment some stuff.


Tip 2: Men are Creatures of Habit, So Shock the Hell Out of them!


Any lady who believes that men love surprises like they do needs a reality-check— Men are driven by a sense of familiarity. Even when they get adventurous, there is always a degree of preparation involved. That is why you should think of something absolutely unexpected, something erotic. For instance, feel him up when you are alone in the elevator (he would be completely dazed and shaken with your sudden act of boldness). Better still, the next time you meet, suggest an unexpected location for a quickie. Anything from his office cabin to a deserted parking lot can do the trick. This shocking ‘modest to sex-craving’ transformation in you would turn the conventional couple equation upside down in your relationship.


Tip 3: Create the Illusion that His Opinion Matters


Stop lying to yourself already! Like every other woman out there you know his outlook usually does not matter. Deep down, most men

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