6 Sexy Games To Spice Up Your Bachelorette Party Night!

6 Sexy Games To Spice Up Your Bachelorette Party Night!


India witnesses wedding seasons all throughout the year! Imagine your best friend is getting married and you are the one who’s got the honor of arranging her bridal shower. To bid the bride best farewell to her single life, a hen party is a must. No hen party is complete without some sexy party games played among the bride and her friends. Here we are sharing some of the best ideas for bachelorette party games submitted by some of our customers and online social users to help you become the perfect hostess and make your naughty bridal shower a remember-able experience.


Guess the Naughty Gift Game

An interesting gift involving drinks and naughty stuff! Ask your guests to bring a raunchy gift item for the bride. The bride will unwrap the gifts and guess who gifted her what. If the bride guesses correctly, then the guest has to take a sip of her drink and if she is wrong, the bride downs a shot. Irrespective of the winner or who gets drunk faster, the bachelorette gets to keep all the sexy lingerie with her! 




Hone an Erotic Talent

Start practicing an erotic dance form like strip dance, pole-dance or lap-dance a few weeks before the party and flaunt your skills in front of the guests. Shock your bridal friend with your new moves (and maybe teach her some moves too!).


Bridal Trivia- “Who Knows the Bachelorette Better?”

An old yet popular game, guests are asked simple questions about the bride including questions like her most embarrassing moment or the one guy she had a crush on during college. The more challenging or offensive the question, the more points it is worth. At the end of the game, everyone tallies up their correct answers and the one with the highest points gets goodies selected by the bride.  


Plan a Scavenger Hunt              

A scavenger hunt can be as bawdy, emotional or exploratory as the bride wishes it to be. Most of the conventional scavenger hunts take place at pubs or bars and include challenges like “Get the bartender to give you a free drink” and “Dance with as many different strangers.” You can try some of these traditional challenge tasks or make up your own like asking the bride to ‘hump the inflatable hunk decorations’!




Never Have I…

You might remember this from the train scene in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani’. “Never Have I….” — this drinking game works a delight at bachelorette parties to get the chat flowing! All of the guests, turn-by-turn need to complete a sentence “Never Have I…” with something that they have never done and then whoever from the crowd has done that takes a sip of their drink. This game is also a fun way to unfold shocking facts about one another you might not know about. Most of you might already have played this game so many times. Yet, there is something about it that never gets old!  


Whip Up A Penis Cake

The bachelorette party needs to be full of outrageous moments and a shameless amount of icing on the cake is just what you need to make it complete. Call your artist friends and bake a penis cake or another of those ‘sex art’ cakes for the bachelorette or order a cool one online.     

You can check out our ideas on creative bachelorette party themes while planning your fabulous hen party! After all, Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

Summary- In our quest to plan the ultimate bachelorette party, we have shared our best picked fun games just for you! Whether you just pick one or all of them, we bet your hen party is going to be a full- fledged fun adventure!



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