7 Essential Sex Tips from Professionals Who Do It Every Day!

7 Essential Sex Tips from Professionals Who Do It Every Day!


How to have more rocking sex? What does your partner want for his/her satisfaction? What should you do to make your sex life more interesting and happening? All these questions may arise in your mind at the time of or during the plan up phase of sex. If you want to have better sex, it will take more than some old sexy bedroom moves or going completely wild between-the-sheets. Here are some interesting sex tips from professionals who do it almost every day (and some do it more than once a day) that will help you take your sex life to a completely new dimension:


1.     Talk Dirty; Be Dirty: You know what tricks you enjoy in bed but does your partner know them too? If no, then let your partner know what you enjoy the most. Dirty talk is the best way to eliminate shyness and basic hesitation among new couples. If you are a little nervous about verbally stating your deep set desires, use sexting to open up instead where you don’t have to be physically present around each other. If you are one of the bold ones and wish to notch up the game a bit, use mutual masturbation to show each other what takes each of you off the cliff.


2.     Know Your Body: In order for you to tell your partner what you want, it is important that you should yourself know what exactly your body wants and desired. If you do not know your body yet, take help from the number of sex toys available in the market. Masturbation is one of the best ways to explore what works with your body in terms of physical pleasure.  


3.     Try Role Play: Not many admit to liking role play but trust us; your partner will not complain if you dress up sensually in the bedroom. And it’s not just the guys who love this; remember Ranvir Singh’s naval uniform striptease in DDD? Maybe your lady love has such a fantasy too. Discuss this with your partner and set a date or surprise them someday! You can easily buy the roleplay costumes online with discreet packaging.



4.     Can Intimacy or Foreplay be better than Sex? Yes! Direct eye contact, sexual massages, having a shower together and passionate deep kissing are more effective in turning the heat under the sheets than the actual sexual act. This time of intimacy can prove to be more powerful and help you be more close to your partner while building up the momentum for the final act of pleasure.


5.     Set Firm Boundaries during Sex: Being upfront about certain things and saying a clear no and yes to all activities in bed allows you to stay true to the sexual boundaries in which you are comfortable with and you feel more confident while having sex with your partner knowing that your limits are known and respected.


6.     Discuss your Intimate Insecurities: Most of the insecurities you have at the time of sex are pretty normal and happen with most of the people especially when they are starting out and exploring their sexual sides for the first time (Why do you think men love moaning so much?). It would be better if you discuss them with your partner in detail and make sure they understand where you can do with a little help or support from their end.


7.     Lube during Sex? It would Help: There are many far-fetched myths regarding the use of lubes in bedroom that deter couples from using them regularly. The truth is lubes can prevent friction- related injuries in your body even during times of aggressive or continuous sex. The good thing is that there are many scented and arousing lubes easily available in the market at your disposal now.

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