Do you remember your last sex position? Was it the same old doggy style or did you surprise your girl with something new? 

If we are not wrong, your woman must be admiring Mr. Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey in bed (because 8 out of 10 women do admire him during sex sessions as per our new survey). Don't you feel bad that you fail to give the same pleasure he gives to her woman with ease. 

Listen up, gentlemen! Ladies love surprises and when it comes to bed, she loves to be pleased with each and every step of yours. Make sure you always excel and never gives her a chance of dissatisfaction or faking orgasm.

With these mind-blowing sex positions and orgasm-inducing techniques, she’ll never need to fake it again. Do it well as instructed by our kinky expert.

1. The all new transformed missionary 

Sex-experts say- Basic or modified missionary sex gives the most pleasure to ladies.

The basic missionary position is where woman lies on her on back and man lies on top of her whereas, the modified missionary is where man penetrates while standing, with the woman on her back and hips on the edge of the bed- putting her legs over his shoulders. There is nothing fascinating about this position, it's just the sex fact says that women love the closeness and intimacy of their partner's weight over them. Somehow, it helps the women to have a cervical orgasm. In short, it's all about man hitting the exact G- spot with missionary.

To communicate your bodies, standard go-to is all time favorite for both of them!

Add ons- You can use lubricants to ease the penetration or to reduce the friction between hers and his shot points.

2. The trendy parting legs = Scissors 

Sex-experts say- Scissors being a different position, helps to give you a wonderful sex experience. 

Parting and raising up your legs at 80 degrees angle which is being held by your man through ankles in each hand is generally known as elongated scissors whereas, seated scissors is where a man lies flat on the bed with knee bent- she straddles him with one leg to the side of his hip and the other leg between his legs. It's her task to find out the right spot. It's in her hands to control the pace, friction and the amount of pressure during the sexual intercourse.

Be like a scissors and joint the sexual requirements!

Add ons- Massage your joints well using oil and massagers after this sex position as it vanishes the pain and definitely turns you on again. Happy Sex again!

3. Get off, Stand up

Sex- experts say- Trying something new rather than laying helps to sizzle up your sex life.

Leave the monotonous bed sex, move towards the wall. Ask her to turn the face towards the wall and holding it with her hands. Man, to hold her from the back with the knee bent to find the right O- spot and to cause ease in the process. It becomes turn off easily because of the thrust of looking each other during sex is way more attracting than anything else. 

Standing and joining the strings will amaze her, for sure!

Add ons- Using a vibrator during this position helps to increase the chances of female orgasms.

4.Together we lay: Speed Bump

Sex- experts say- Woman become stronger than his man during intercourse.

It's one of the fast and passionate sex position. She lies on the bed with cushion under her belly and pelvic area with legs being spread-ed. He comes over you and plays with his natural toy. It is also known as fast and furious sex position but has one disadvantage that is the continuous interaction of skin leads to sweat and foul smell.

Easiest way to reach orgasm!

Add ons- Show him the heaven by wearing perfect size sexy lingerie.

5. Wonders of chair- Edge of Heaven

Sex- experts say- This position is great for female orgasm.

Sit on a chair (with his legs down on the floor). She shuffles into his lap- onto him, with her legs resting on the top of the chair. While he holds your hands to stop you tipping backwards. Then, the movement as well as moment begins. It gives a very deep penetration while most of the work is being done by the man himself.

Manage her carefully while you jiggle about her on top!

Add ons- Role-play costumes will definitely add wonders to your position. 

KINKPIN TIP: Whether you try some new sex position or not always use condoms and play safe.


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