A Gentleman’s Guide to Buying The Perfect Lingerie For His Lady

Lingerie shopping for your girl can be a tricky and confusing task for many a man, especially with all the different sizes, brands, colors and styles available in markets nowadays. But what if you want to gift her some seductive lingerie to make her feel classy, sexy and eye-popping desirable for you in bedroom? Yes, you might feel lost initially but if you understand the woman in your life well, then it will not be difficult for you to pick up ideal intimate apparel for her; perfect in shape, size and style of her choice. Entering a lingerie store and dealing with a sales woman (as these are more common) might feel awkward at first but instead of paying heed to these smaller details, look around and let your imagination run wild. Search for lingerie sets that would look hot on your girl and make her look and feel like a sexy goddess you see in her.

Here is your primer for buying your lady one of the best lingerie pieces in her wardrobe:

1.     Size Matters! Act Detective: The minute you set foot in a lingerie store, the first trick question you would have to know answer to is the right size of the girlies. Now although you think you know the twins well, most men get this wrong and end up selecting an incorrect (generally bigger) size. To avoid this faux pas, we suggest you do some strategic planning and research (just the kind you do for your professional presentations). Keep an eye out for her lingerie drawer and when she is not around, sneek a quick peek and locate the size tag on one of her bras inside. You might also be able to figure out which type of lingerie she wears the most and choose your gift accordingly. Instead of getting her something she already has, surprise her with something new.

2.     Keep It Classy- Not Saucy: Now very naughty underwear might get you excited, but it might not be an ideal gift choice. Most women wish their partners to see them as these classy and elegant ladies who are confident in their skin and look stunning in whatever they wear. Get her something that slightly pushes the borders but does not completely falls out of her comfort zone. Stick to delicate fragile lace, black and purple colors in luxurious satin if you are confused about the style; or you can also go for romantic colors like grey and pink with feminine florals and tiny frills if your lady love is more into the cute, girlish stuff.

3.     What Exactly Are Numbers And Letters For? This must be something new to you but yes a bra size tag consists of two parts including a number and a letter. The number is basically her band size and specifies the whole circumference of her rib cage; while the letter is her cup size which signifies the volume of her breasts where A is for the petite and small boobs and the size progresses with B, C, D and E cups.

4.     Go With Loose-Fitting, Full-Coverage Outfits: If you are still unclear of her size or it is a spur of the moment decision on your part then instead of gifting her the wrong size, go for loose fitting robes (these resemble bath robes but are semi-sheer), negligees (ankle-length) and baby dolls (short, seductive night gowns). Choose the one you feel is right for her body structure or the one you wish to see her in from so long.

5.     You must wire it down: Yes, wire- free bras are capable of offering right support and secure grip; but in case your woman is bustier, then a wired bra is what you should invest in as it is perfect for providing the additional required support along with the silky, alluring looks. Buy only good quality wired bra (go for the luxury brands to play it safe) or seek assistance from one of her friends.

When the right time to gift her comes, remember that women love silky ribbons, pastel sheets and beautiful packaging. Your purchase will get a better response if it is delivered in a classy wrapping. And while she is squealing with joy on your perfect selection and ramblings over how you are the best husband or boyfriend in the world, slip in the saucy, naughty piece you couldn’t help buying at the store and there are very high chances that you might get lucky and get to see your woman wearing the ‘fantasy outfit’ in real! Good luck for th

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