Bloom Leaf by Swan-Purple

Bloom Leaf by Swan-Purple


Bloom+ is a slender vibration designed for perfect targeted pleasure to the areas that matter most. In the large bud, a deep and invigorating vibration excites you as a stronger and quicker vibration can be felt in the lower stem. The slightly flexible shape encourages you to experiment with each combination of any 3 vibration speeds or 2 pattern functions offering incredible sensations.

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Be surprised by the many erotic sensations this Bloom Leaf by Swan-Purple from BMS Enterprises will stimulate for you. If you are buying a vibrator for pleasing your or your partner’s sexual fantasies, why not buy the best vibrator available in the market? Experience unlimited waves of orgasms while masturbating alone or with your partner, or better yet even when you are having sex with your partner. This Bloom Leaf by Swan vibrator will take you to the unknown and undiscovered world of erotic orgasms after another. Be assured of satisfying your sexual urges within seconds, and be ready to get on again within seconds.

Best in the World of Vibrators – Performance Vouched for by Global Users

The Bloom leaf by Swan vibrator is considered to be the latest successor to the Leaf family collection as it is more advanced and effective in every sense. The vibrator comes with 5 functions which includes 3 different vibrating speeds and 2 vibration patterns. You can try the various speeds and patterns and adjust it according to the texture which suits you best. This vibrator is also more flexible as compared to other older Leaf’s+ vibrators. The stem or the base is flexible and it mimics the essence of a natural flower. The vibrator can be used according to your whims and fancies, it can be twisted or bended as you go on rubbing it against your genitalia. The two smooth end of the silicone vibrator can both be used as vibrators, as it is equipped with the ability to vibrate. Spice up your sex life as you go on the voyage of self-sexual discovery for a wider, better and longer stimulation of sensations which ends in orgasmic climax.

Powered to Make Life Easier, More Erotically Satisfactory for You

The Bloom Leaf by Swan comes in Purple color and it is powered by Power Bullet Technology. The batteries are rechargeable, it can be recharged by connecting it to any USB port on your computer or by connecting the USB cord into an adapter. It is made from 100% silicone with seamless finish for smoothness and durability. The vibrator is waterproof, which means you can even use it in your shower. This vibrator is one of the most powerful and effective sex toys to stimulate explosive orgasms. 

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