About Us

Kinkpin is the leading online destination for adult lifestyle products and accessories. Indians across the world are riding on the wave of sexual awakening and Kinkpin caters to their surging demand for intimate utilities that aren’t easily available. This online store isn’t about boasting of a bolder lifestyle but its core emphasis is on helping you explore more aspects of adult lifestyle and buy those that appeal to your senses. Kinkpin presents an undemanding path to try what is often restrictedly categorized as a taboo. It is about shedding your inhibitions, expressing your inner desires, bringing more fun to relationships and leading a healthier lifestyle. We believe our customers are educated people on sex and have the discretion to choose wisely. An online superstore, Kinkpin procures all the products on display from leading brands with a global presence and assured quality benchmarking. Our procurement specialists continuously search the international marketplace for adult lifestyle products/utilities and handpicking those that seem most reasonable and apt for the Indian mindset. At Kinkpin, you can shop discretely without compromising on detailed product information, instructions for use or discounts. You get a smarter browsing experience where you can comfortably shop without engaging much attention. Easy search/navigation options and handpicked online shopping practices ensure you get the privacy associated with this niche. Our network of distributors and suppliers is now well established into the overseas market, helping us share the price advantage with you. We welcome you to a world where inhibitions are shed, curiosity rules, fantasies take shape and you can explore and buy without restraints.

Our Philosophy: We Keep Things Simple!

Kinkpin was created with a simple thought—the online space has a market for every conceivable product or service, so why are adult lifestyle products ignored, more so in the Indian web space? Kinkpin is a specialist, catering to just one category of products, thus mastering the niche. The emphasis is not to come across as just another online retailer but we are in tune with the desires of Indians across the world, most palpable places across the subcontinent where intimate products continue to sell in an unorganized market. We ensure that shopping for erotic, sexually themed lifestyle products is easy, without the usual embarrassment. We don't instigate unsafe sex practices and stand by our viewpoint that an adult lifestyle is about safe exploration. We fill the voids needed to get creative in this segment, bringing not-so-accessible products within your grasp at market-best prices. We don't advocate reigniting your passion because we believe it merely needs a cultured, creative outlet. At Kinkpin, we help you take charge of your intimacy, self-pleasuring, teasing, seducing and coupling requirements in the most comprehensive and presentable manner.

Our Extensive Range: Comprehensively Addressing Adult Lifestyle

Kinkpin is slowly emerging as world’s leading online hub for intimate lifestyle products that meet global standards for safety and quality. Kinkpin isn’t about delivering volumes and overwhelming you with choices. We believe in transforming the way in which you perceive products aimed at thrilling you in the most intimate manner. We understand the Indian outlook better than other online retailers in this segment do—this is why every selection showcased here, from personal massagers to vibrators, is put through a process of evaluation, analyzed by industry experts, psychologists and medical experts. Kinkpin is committed to quality, open to new designs and patronizes innovation. This is why you get to choose from an exhaustive portfolio from globally renowned manufacturers to boutique sellers. Kinkpin searches, evaluates, procures and stocks a well-curated array of legalized/approved products aimed at intimate pleasure with an emphasis on serving the Indian consumer. No online store matches our assortment of playful toys, seductive art, high-end vibrators, kinky collections, pleasure enhancements accessories and intimate body care products. From erotic lingerie to lubricants and condoms to passion-igniting massage oils and every thing in between, Kinkpin has it all!

Discreteness is Our Mandate, Not an Option

Kinkpin assures confidentiality in every aspect of browsing and shopping for personal pleasure products. Employing standard industry practices and providing covert browsing options, every aspect of the purchase process, from choosing a product to delivery, is tuned via stringent privacy guidelines. The goods are smartly packaged using unmarked/unbranded covers, which help to conceal information about the product. Kinkpin is perhaps the pioneer of Customer Self Pick-up concept—absolutely adored by our patrons and a major reason why our repeat customers are on the rise! Further, customer data is handled in the most sacred manner, away from prying eyes always on the lookout for stealing consumer information. All transactions are conducted in conformance with the highest benchmarks for online safety.

You Are Our Reality Check: We Would Love To Hear From You!

Kinkpin is a customer-focused online shopping platform. Your feedback facilitates our improvement, keeps us grounded and provides an instant reality check every time we deviate from the path of prioritizing your interests. Any comment or feedback for our products / services acts like a performance evaluation. From your suggestions to testimonials and criticism, Kinkpin is open to all types of customer interaction. We are also increasing our presence across social media channels, trying to interact more with our current and prospective customers. We value these debates and discussions—sustained dialogue that helps us understand the buyer’s mindset better.

The Bigger Spectacle: Now Turning Global

Kinkpin is essentially targeted at the Indian audience but slowly it is gaining global relevance, thanks to NRI(s) and the Indian Diaspora whom we thank for their trust. Kinkpin has been in the media limelight, usually for the right reasons. Yes, there were some uncalled for derogatory views about the nature of our business but better sense prevailed and we have gained mass acceptance across the Indian sub-continent. We are in the process of making this online store more mainstream through initiatives aimed at sexual emancipation and empowerment of the contemporary women. Our presence across Asia is on the rise and international orders are steadily increasing. We have been able to record encouraging year-on-year growth, thanks to a creative in-house team, dedicated category specialists and most importantly, people like you who choose us!