Go Slow, Go Intense: Why Slow Sex is Always Better?

Go Slow, Go Intense: Why Slow Sex is Always Better?

Yes, you are strong, have biceps and are masculine. You will get enough ways to show her your strength and masculinity so why choose your bed to do so? She may like your strength but at the end she is a girl who is fragile and she wants to be handled with all the gentleness she deserves. You might prefer it hard and wild but your girl wants to have a slow and an intense sex. Here is why they say sex is better when it is slow and intense:

  1. It takes her longer to be ready: After completing your foreplay you figure out that she is wet but that does not essentially mean that she is about to burst to orgasm. Remember it takes longer for a woman to reach orgasm as compared to a man. You will be loved more by your woman if you try to be patient and figure out the amount of time which she requires to get an orgasm.
  1. Makes you forget all the stress: We all live in a metropolitan cities and speed is a part of our life as we have to deal with deadlines and there is so much stress. But you can try and decrease that speed in the bedroom at least! Always keep this in mind that when it comes to a woman, it is never the climax but always the act that matters. Go slow and give her a break from all the urgencies in life and make her forget everything in the world.
  1. You require a longer time to recover: As compared to a woman, a man requires longer time to recover and regain the energy for a second shot. For men, the game ends as soon as you get off her but she may still remain unsatisfied. So, you will enjoy more and she will also remain satisfied if you slow down things and take pleasure in the foreplay before reaching the final destination. It is observed that the more time you spend at the time of foreplay, the more fun your sex is going to be.

There is no prescribed way to make sex enjoyable as different things work for different people. But, going slow is definitely one of the best ways to have a satisfying experience. The differences in sex style preferences in a couple can cause sexual disconnection and frustration. And yet it is these differences that keep sex alive and exciting. If you want to enhance your sexual life then you need some additional spice which can be done quite easily with some adult lifestyle products and quirky lingerie. Kinkpin.in is the one stop destination for people looking for adult lifestyle products, including common stimulation and self-pleasure toys and accessories, all provided to you in a highly discreet manner. 


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