Explore New Fetishes And Jazz Up Your Sex Life With These Five Novel Ideas

Explore New Fetishes And Jazz Up Your Sex Life With These Five Novel Ideas

As people are getting bold day by day and not shying away from expressing their hidden desires, fetish items are becoming the order of the day when it comes to satiating wild fantasies.

Paddle your partner and bend them to your will

 The art of lovemaking has evolved over the time with new methods being devised to keep your partner guessing and love making interesting. If you are one of those who can’t take no for an answer and want your lover to bend to your will, a paddler is a must buy for you. Some playful teasing, some pain, and a whole lot of fun can be had by using a paddle like Smackers Triple Kisser. Smack the butt cheeks or the back, bend him down or lay her on your knees, the choice is yours. An incredible way to ensure that you get your wishes fulfilled and your desires satiated.

 Games of love for titillating your senses

 You don’t need to be a player to enjoy the pleasure of love. Delight your senses with games designed to intrigue your senses and dwell into the world of lust like never before. Spin the wheel of pleasure and win the chance to perform your hidden sexual fantasies on your lover or roll the dice for an opportunity to fulfill your naughty desires. If you have been too shy in expressing your interest in your lover’s body part that excites you the most, then whirl the sex top and make it stop on it.

Bring some adventure into your life by ordering these erotic games and revel in the joys of love making. It’s a fine way to unleash your imagination.

 Never without pleasure with vibrating panties

For the ones who are on the lookout for a sex accessory that can provide them pleasure throughout the day, vibrating panties are an excellent option. Whether you want to keep yourself buzzing in public or want to be turned on for the night, the constant pleasure provided will keep you engaged. Stimulation provided can be adjusted to match your mood. An excellent gift for your wife to keep her excited while she waits for you at home. Enjoy the sensation of her intensified love as she clings on to you to satisfy her heightened senses.

 Savor the joy of secrecy with love masks

 The sensation of uncertainty in love making can add spice to your sex life. When you don’t know what’s coming next, your awareness reaches a heightened level making every touch, and caress feel more intense. Add color to your love life by restricting the vision. Feel the pleasure of touch, like you have never felt before.

 Crack the whip and enjoy the pleasure in pain


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